About the conference

The conference Heart and Pain of the big City focuses on the well-being of children and youth in the Nordic countries and is aimed at practitioners, administrators, politicians and researchers. The headline of this years´ conference is Young people and community with the subthemes: participation, citizenship, inclusion and trust.

Heart and Pain of the big City is a result of a collaboration between the Nordic cities about living conditions for youth initiated by The Nordic Council of Ministers in 1996. Scandinavian society models are very similar in many ways. This means that we can learn from each other when it comes to challenges and solutions regarding youth issues.

The aim of the conference is to draw attention to youth issues specific to large Nordic cities, to bring forward the latest research, to develop the youth work in workshops and to create networks between professionals in the Nordic cities.

The hosting of the conference alternates between the cities included in the partnership: Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg, and Aarhus.

Copenhagen hosts this years’ conference. It is planned in a collaboration between the Social Services Administration, the Children and Youth Administration, and SSP Copenhagen.

Previous conferences

1997 Aarhus, Denmark: Youth’s well-being and conditions – Prevention of abuse and crime
1999 Reykjavik, Iceland: Youth Culture and Values
2001 Stockholm, Sweden: Strategies for young people’s health and development
2003 Oslo, Norway: City, Youth and Lifetime – where do they go?
2005 Helsinki, Finland: City, Identity and Family Role
2007 Odense, Denmark: Local cooperation and development, Integration through education and work, Democracy and active citizenship, From marginalized position to full participation
2009 Gothenburg, Sweden: Youth is a resource – what’s the problem?
2011 Bergen, Norway: Inclusion and Participation
2013 Aalborg, Denmark: Young people in a diverse digital world
2015 Malmo, Sweden: Mind the gaps – creating equal conditions for all young people
2017 Trondheim, Norway: The Nordic model – is it robust and inclusive enough to withstand tomorrow’s challenges?
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Photo: Johannes Jansson, norden.org

Youth City Future Lab – A Conference for Young Nordic Visionaries

On September 19-22, 2019 Youth City Future Lab – A Conference for Young Nordic Visionaries will be held in Copenhagen. Here young people from youth councils in the Nordic cities work to create ideas and solutions for the development of a youth friendly city.

The Youth Conference was developed by Copenhagen Youth School as a counterpart to Heart and pain of the big City to give young people a voice when it comes to the development of the future of youth life.

Youth City Future Lab

Read more about the Youth Conference here.